About RunAmerica, LLC

Last updated: May 29, 2017

RunAmerica, LLC was designed by runners for runners. The RunAmerica App makes it easy for you to search for your favorite races and allow you to review them. We hope you express yourself and we encourage you to be candid, open and honest about your racing experience so that other runners can obtain a  real feedback before choosing a race.   Run America is the place to connect with your running friends to encourage them to run, leave feedback, and search for any race you want (approaching 500,000 events!!). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I do not see a race that I ran the previous year. Why not?

A: We have almost 500,000 events and even though that covers a huge portion of all the races in the United States, we know there are new races popping up everyday. Please add your event through the Managed Races page  (must authenticate social) Create New Race link on our website:  www.runamerica.co

Q: How do I advertise Business, Event,etc) on Run America?

A: You can click the advertisement link on the webpage and/or email Run America at advertise@runamerica.co.

Q: Do you take suggestions for Run America Feature Enhancements? Something  you don’t currently have?

A: The reason we are so awesome is that you, the runners, get to email us and share with us their ideas on what they/you want to see! Please send any questions or comments to info@runamerica.co

Q: What kinds of things should I review about the races?

A: We want runners to review as much as they can. Personally, Run America maintain the vision that we will share the absolute details of each and every event with everyone. For example, maybe you want to inform runners of a certain location to stay before a notoriousMarathon or what time to get to the buses. Perhaps you may want to tell the runners of a local restaurant to eat at before the race or where the best place(s) for family and friends to cheer everyone on throughout the course. Anything you can think of that would help your fellow runners we want you to post!